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The Brand Trading is Leading Exporters Of Vegetables,Coconuts

Fruits, Rice, Wheat, Wheat Flour, Maize, Peanuts and Spices


Indian commodity markets is very big and we export many products. We are miller of Wheat and Wheat Flour and also can provide customization specification of wheat flour as clients requirement. We also export othe commodity products like Non basmati Rice, 1121 Rice, Parboiled Rice, Maize, Barley.


Indian fruits are very popular in the international market. We Export Indin Mango, Sapota, Pomegranate and Coconuts, we believe in the best breed and supply them in the shortest possible time keeping the freshness intact. All fruit categories are tested for quality and each of the items contains a check mark.


We trade in a wide range of vegetable products that are ready to eat. With no additives and no Health Hazards, we make sure that the vegetables are stored fresh with no loss of nutrients, flavor, colors, texture and shape.
We Regularly Export Red onion, White Onion, Potato,Suran


The Brand Trading Export located to Gujart india’s fastest growing state and Spices main market in Gujarat. Our regularly export Cumin seeds , coriander seeds, Tamarind seeds, fenugreek seeds, tamarind, Fennel seeds, sesame seed, red chilies powder, red chilies.


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The Brand Trading is reliable and trustworthy export company in Rajkot. It is situated in India’s growing state of Gujarat. Company is established in order to upliftment of rural products by purchasing directly from that farmer so this way over all progress of rural people by giving them appropriate price

We have wide experience of farming products because we are basically come from farmer background so we know good and bad side of these products. Our skill is useful when we purchase those products from other farmers